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Added by me too 10 months ago

Hi all,

A time ago i made a custom build with the hdhomerun drivers for tvheadend.
Now i want to update this build, is there a simple way to do this or do i need to build a news custom version? if so is there a was to copy all of the settings in a simple way?

Hope somebody will/can help

Kind regards

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RE: Update custom build - Added by Number B 10 months ago

How long ago? Back when I was using 4.1* it picked up hdhomerun on my network automatically. And that was an old HDHR3-US. Any modern build should be fine.

There is also an hdhomerun binary utility that is available by repo. In redhat/centos it's under epel. It's available under Ubuntu/Debian as well but I haven't checked the repo (and here's an old link:

Here's a link to the pdf with the command line instructions for that: (there may be a newer one available somewhere)

RE: Update custom build - Added by Anders Gustafsson 10 months ago

Not really sure what you mean by "settings"? Do you mean the settings you feed into configure or the actual tvheadend settings? The latter are preserved when you upgrade.

RE: Update custom build - Added by me too 10 months ago

Both tnx for your answers, this is the catch:

At this moment i run a custom build version of TVheadend, indeed for using it with HDhomerun.
The version i run atm is "4.1-2449~gda58349 (2017-03-04)", so its a little outdated.

As far as i understand i need to make a new custom build to update the TVheadend version, this is not a real problem, but can i keep al the settings as channels, muxes etc.
Because if i build a new build i need to config it al again and this takes a long time....

Or can i download the latest source and build it over the old source with

cd tvheadend
sudo make
sudo make install

an keep the settings?

Hope you can help me

RE: Update custom build - Added by Anders Gustafsson 10 months ago

I have always built my tvheadend from scratch and have upgraded from 4.0.x and up. In all cases, thveadend has upgraded the settings for me, channels, muxes etc. I have never had to enter them anew. Only catch is that you cannot go back to a previous version. TVHeadend will not handle that once settings have been upgraded.

So, make a backup of your settings, in the .hts dir before running the new version.

If there are any incompatibilities regarding settings, then they should be documented with that version.

Good luck!