[SOLVED] Missing config tab

Added by Chris Hughes 10 months ago


I've just set up tvheadend which was all very easy, however I choose for the wizard to map my channels and so I have loads of stations (as I was warned I would do) that I don't want. I figured I'd just deselect them, but I don't have a config tab. I'm logged in via an IP Address XXX.X.X.X:9981/extjs.html and I only get the following tabs Electronic programme guide, Digital video recorder, and 'about'. THer eis no configuration tab. Am I at the wrong address? I've had a look around and search of the forum but not found anything.

I'm new to linux and I'm installing this on LibreElec, so I've not had a terminal open (or know how to get one open from LibreElec, so if I do need to SSH in or anything then please give me a hint as to how I do that; e.g., DO I just get a putty connection going on? if so, to what ipAddress and where will I find that, etc. Sorry to be quite so basic about things.


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RE: Missing config tab - Added by Brent Bolin 10 months ago

Logged in as admin?

RE: Missing config tab - Added by Chris Hughes 10 months ago

Well that was embarrassing! Thanks!!!