Problem with finding channels on two muxes

Added by Simon Solothurnman over 5 years ago

I recently bought a Terratec HTC DVB-C USB Stick. (ID 0ccd:00b2 TerraTec Electronic GmbH )

Everything is working fine, except finding channels on two muxes (378 Mhz and 530 Mhz; QAM256 Modulated)

On 378 Mhz tvheadend will find 2 out 55 channels but I am unable to map these two. When mapping, they are ignored. Transport stream id seems to be correct. The Scan status says 'OK' but sometimes it falls back to FAILED

On 530 Mhz: If I run dvbv5_scan on 530 I'll get these errors while tvheadend shows Scan result: FAILED:

ERROR command BANDWIDTH_HZ (5) not found during retrieve
Cannot calc frequency shift. Either bandwidth/symbol-rate is unavailable (yet).
Scanning frequency #1 530000000
Lock (0x1f) Quality= Good Signal= 100.00% C/N= 25.70dB UCB= 21786 postBER= 44.4x10^-6 PER= 36.2x10^-6
ERROR dvb_read_sections: no data read on section filter
ERROR error while waiting for PAT table

There should be four channels on 530 mhz but in tvheadend I usually get this:

2017-10-05 11:15:14.208 subscription: 0069: "scan" subscribing to mux "530MHz", weight: 6, adapter: "DRXK DVB-C DVB-T #0 : DVB-C #0", network: "DVB-C Network", service: "Raw PID Subscription"
2017-10-05 11:15:19.205 mpegts: 530MHz in DVB-C Network - scan no data, failed

and the detected provider and transporter id id is 65535 when it should be 1 and 80.

Sometimes tvheadend detects that there are four channels on this mux, but as with 378 mhz, they won't show up under services and the status is still 'failed'

I also have a computer with two terrratec cinergy pci cards and there, all muxes are working fine.
Can anyone help me with this error?

Best regards