'TV adapters' empty after restoring old configuration

Added by M. Bergmann over 4 years ago

Because of problems with Openmediavault I had to do a complete re-install of the whole system.
Before erasing the SSD I copied via WinSCP the directory containing the configuration files of TvH (hts/.hts/tvheadend) to a Windows PC.
After the successful installation of OMV I also installed successfully the actual unstable version of TvH, which starts without problems, but obviously without my settings. So I copied the stored ./hts/tvheadend directory to the NAS, and after that I allocated read and write permission to all files. Then I restarted the tvheadend service. My whole configuration is restored, but the Satip-device is not listed within the 'TV adapters'-Tab, although the affiliated file input/satip/adapters/1958d8fd128f7c447368c12a6bb54383 exists and contains all the necessary information.

Any idea how to get back this information? I really don't want to map all channels again and again, select the appropriate channel numbers etc. etc.
(after the re-installation of TvH the satip-device appears under 'TV adapters', but gets lost after I restore my old config)