WinTV-HVR-2250 (Hauppauge) on Openelec setup with Tvheadend

Added by Shastri Mahabir almost 10 years ago

Just finished building my htpc: AMD- A4 core; memory etc.. installed the HVR-2250 hoping to get it up and running (OTA.) I installed Openelec with the Tvheadend, when I go into the web interface and in the configuration menu under TV tuners, my device does not show. I first thought it was Openelec, however after many searches, I have determined that Openelec is seeing the tv tuner correctly. Is the HVR-2250 currently supported on Tvheadend? If not would it be possible to get it supported?

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RE: WinTV-HVR-2250 (Hauppauge) on Openelec setup with Tvheadend - Added by Hein Rigolo almost 10 years ago

Tvheadend currently supports all the dvb adapters that are supported by the linux kernel. So if you can work with your adapter using the default dvb-apps tools, then most likely it will work with tvheadend.

So first make sure you can use it with dvb apps tools to tune the adapter and receiving channels. You might also put up a request on the openelec fora.