Missing Episode Names

Added by Martin Mrvka almost 10 years ago


I wonder why episode names (provided by EIT) isn't supported in tvheadend.

Maybe this isn't a big problem outside german speaking countries, however german tv stations don't really broadcast episode/season numbers in EIT. The only way to know what episode is running (or scheduled for recording), is to use the short event descriptor information. Some tv stations use it provide episode names, others to provide (absolute) episode numbers. It's different to the extended event descriptor, where usually a summary of the episode is stored.

Problem is, when storing dvr entries, tvheadend only manages one description additional to the title and therefor it does a best guess which one (short or extended) to choose from. Actually, it takes the longer one - which will nearly always be the summary.

I'm not able to use tv show scrapers in XBMC because of this. Does anybody else have similar issues? How did you solve it? Would be the use of xmltv a solution?


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RE: Missing Episode Names - Added by Hein Rigolo almost 10 years ago

I would use xmltv. There you have more control over what is populated where in the feed. Have a look at the xmltv code in order to determine what xmltv elements are supported by tvheadend.


RE: Missing Episode Names - Added by Martin Mrvka almost 10 years ago

Thx. The only xmltv source providing data for Austria seems to be If I remember properly, there have been some issues with tvheadend and xmltv too...?

I'd like to use a post processor script, which uses the episode name to lookup at for the season and episode number (in order for xbmc to scrap the proper info) - a little bit inconvenient.

After you suggestion, to look at the code I found that the epg_episode_t structure seems to be only used in junction with xmltv. I guess it would be an option to store the episode name in the ee_onscreen member. According to the xmltv specification, this is suggested as an alternative.

This could lead into somewhat tv station depended code to parse the epg data. Is there anything against to parse epg data into the epg_episode_t structure?


RE: Missing Episode Names - Added by Martin Mrvka almost 10 years ago

Well, after a little more research I my assumption may be wrong.

The ee_onscreen member seems to be a tv station dependent string, but not for episode name. it seems to be still a number, but I guess what's called single season or absolute episode counter.

Anyway xmltv seems to carry the episode name in an attribute called "sub-title", which is ignored by tvheadend. Either the epg_episode_t struct may be enhanced or, since it's a recording only feature, the dvr entry itself.

RE: Missing Episode Names - Added by Martin Mrvka almost 10 years ago

Thx. Meanwhile I've a testversion running, where I'm parsing "sub-title" from xmltv and "desc" from EIT into a new member "subtitle" of the epg_episode struct.

Since "onscreen" seems to be still a number and a dedicated name of an episode was missing, this was the only option for me.

The overall solution is a little bit clumsy, cause I'm using a post recording script which gets this subtitle as a parameter and then tries to get series and episode number from in order to rename the recording filename in a format like "SXXEXX". This is necessary to have xbmc scraping the right information. Weird.