Upgrade tvheadend on synology NAS keeping settings

Added by Oliver Kötter almost 3 years ago


I installed the tvheadend-testing package in parallel to the old tvheadend-4.0 package on my synology nas.

- I stopped the old package
- I did a backup of the old config:

# cd /volume1/@appstore/tvheadend-4.0
# tar --exclude *.log -cvjf backup.tar.bz2 var

- I restored the settings in new package folder and changed ownership and permissions:
# cp backup.tar.bz2 /volume1/@appstore/tvheadend-testing
# cd /volume1/@appstore/tvheadend-testing
# rm -rf var
# tar -xvjf backup.tar.bz2
# chown sc-tvheadend-testing:users var
# cd var
# find . | xargs chown sc-tvheadend-testing:users
# cd dvr/log
# chmod 700 *

- start the new package
- log in

All settings/networks/autorecs seem to be there, but my old finished recordings are gone. I made sure all restored files have proper permissions (rwx-----) and proper owners (sc-tvheadend-testing:users) but it does not work.

Any hints?