Integer data types in HTSP

Added by Benedikt Bauer about 4 years ago

I'm a little confused when it comes to the varying integer data types mentioned in the HTSP documentation.

In the Htmsgbinary document you mention the integer type to be a 64bit signed integer.
However in the method documentations of the Htsp document, there's also lots of u32 and u64 fields (presumably UNSIGNED integers of 32/64 bit length).

That's just an inconsistency I'd gladly overlook, but what about this in the subscriptionSpeed method?
speed u32 required Specify speed (0=pause, 100=1x fwd, -100=1x backward)
How exactly do you put the value -100 into an UNSIGNED integer?

The python example included with the tvheadend source code seems to stick with the Htmsgbinary definition and will convert all integers into signed 64 bit representations.

Which of the given declarations is the correct one?

And if I can disregard all that unsigned markers in the HTSP reference, what about the SubscriptionSkip method, can that only skip forward or can I go backwards with that as well when using the relative/non-absolute way to skip?

Thanks in advance