TVHeadend in new Ubuntu11.10

Added by Wessel Wits about 10 years ago

Hi all,

This weekend I installed a brand new shiny Ubuntu 11.10.
I have added lonelycoder to the apt/sources.list and installed hts-tvheadend.

The software installed ok and the server is running. I can logon, install channels etc. The only thing that doesn't work is to actually watch a stream (I tried Firefox, iExplorer and Chrome both from localhost and LAN). In all cases, the server logs:

Oct 17 22:01:35 HTTP: /stream/channelid/2 -- 401
Oct 17 22:01:38 HTTP: /stream/channelid/2 -- 401
Oct 17 22:01:47 HTTP: /stream/channelid/1 -- 401
Oct 17 22:01:47 HTTP: /stream/channelid/1 -- 401
Oct 17 22:01:47 v4l: /dev/video0: Tuned to 811250000Hz
Oct 17 22:01:47 subscription: "HTTP" subscribing on "Nederland 1", weight: 150, adapter: "Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150 ivtv PCI:0000:02:09.0", network: "", mux: "811250000 Hz", provider: "", service: "", quality: 100
Oct 17 22:01:53 subscription: "HTTP" unsubscribing from "Nederland 1"

The 401's lead me to believe, some settings are wrong somewhere.
I can watch streams manually with VLC directly and tvheadend is able to change the channels for me.
Recording also works, but playing back a recording through the web-interface not.

Any solutions?
Tnx, Wessel

P.s. but the way, is it also possible to watch the stream/recodings with my iPad/iPhone as well?