really newbie question about the access list

Added by Volkan Celebi over 6 years ago

Dear all,

I started to use Tvheadend 2 days ago. It is really great. I have two question.

1.) I can get link of stream and open with vlc but if I turn off the VLC on on agaiI should I get the link again. I think I should use some setting on access list. For the admin user I changed the IP Blocks for but this time I couldn't login. I changed again the accesslist config file for the ip block after that I could login. What should I do for the permanent links

2.) I am using Multiswitch and 42E on the AA. I am really with trouble the transporder of this:
Uydu Adı : Türksat 4A
Lokasyon : 42 ⁰ Doğu
Alış Frekansı : 12.015 MHz
Polarizasyon : Yatay (H)
Sembol Hızı : 27.500 Ksym/s
FEC değeri : 5/6

This transporder streams stuck after a few hours but the sound continue to come. Is there any possibility to make small adjustment for this transporder.

many thanks in advance

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RE: really newbie question about the access list - Added by Jonathan Thomson about 6 years ago

In response to question 1, I'm fairly certain that the links expire - I don't know if it's time based or usage based (i.e. you can only open it once) but they cannot be re-used by the client unfortunately.