Tvheadend container strange behavior

Added by András Frankovics about 6 years ago


I have installed Docker 1.12.3 into Ubuntu 16.10 on my HP N40L server. I have created a tvheadend container from Dreamcat4's image:

docker run -d \
--name=tvheadend \
-v /strg/docker/tvheadend/config:/config \
-v /strg/docker/tvheadend/recordings:/recordings \
-e hts_uid=1001 -e hts_gid=1001 \
-p 9981:9981 -p 9982:9982 \
--device=/dev/dvb \

After a few "failed" attempts I have got a good config folder. To login into the webgui, I need to create a superuser file into the config folder with an admin acc name and password. If I create an account into the Configuration/Access Entries tab and I remove the superuser file, after a (docker) restart (tvheadend) the container isn't too responsible and consumes all my CPU. If I put the superuser file back, the CPU usage is below 2%. If the users password in the webgui and in the superuser file is the same, the CPU usage is high again.

With Linuxserver/tvheadend images I had another problems also, the DVB adapters didn't mount and/or the CPU usage was high.

Is there anyone who has an idea that can help?
Any help appreciated!