Add minisatip server channels

Added by Josu Lazkano about 6 years ago


I had configure a Minisatip server with one DVB-S2 tuner. I try with a Android device in the same network and I can watch satellite channels. So the server works great.

I want to add some channels to Tvheadend but I have some questions:

1. How could I add the new Network? As IPTV? I execute the minisatip this way: ./minisatip -f

2. With the Android client I have available all channels in Astra19.2E, I just want to add few channels to Tvheadend, is it possible?

My Tvheadend version is unstable in a Debian Jessie server.

I will really apprecite your experience with minisatip.

Kind regards.

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RE: Add minisatip server channels - Added by balanga bar about 4 years ago

I'm just starting out with minisatip and not sure how to configure it. Do you have any pointers?

My STB's tuner shows up in Tvheadend's list of TV adapters and I have a list of 95 muxes which show the frequencies of the muxes, so something must be working, but not sure how to proceed.