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Hi, I have been using DVB-S for a long while and have a fully working EPG (Over-the-air: Open TV: Sky UK). I now also have DVB-C with working channels, but am unsure of how to get a working EPG in TVHeadend, I don't really understand how the whole XMLTV works. I know the EPG does come in over the air with this BVB-C but how do I collect it?


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RE: DVB-C EPG - Added by Adam W about 7 years ago

I think if you're talking Virgin Media, they use a proprietary EPG. I've had the free to air DVB-C channels working (BBC One, BBC Two, etc) on my Samsung TV with an in-built DVB-C tuner and they only seemed to be carrying now and next EPG in the standard format that TVHeadend uses. You'll have to use an XMLTV service or map the channels to use the EPG from the Sky ones.