Transcoding of recordings

Added by L C over 6 years ago


I have set-up TVHeadEnd all right (lekma version for hw transcoding and normal version for sw transcoding) and face the following issue: transcoding is happening all right when I watch live TV, but not when I watch recordings. Of course I could use a profile to transcode streams when I record them, but what I would like to do is to record the original stream and transcode only when I watch the recording at a later time. This is important for me as I have different transcoding profiles depending on how I connect to TVHeadEnd (remote or local).

Does anyone know how to achieve this?


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RE: Transcoding of recordings - Added by Robert Cameron over 6 years ago

Tvheadend does not apply profiles streams of recorded programs. You can have a profile that transcodes live streams. You can have a profile that transcodes at record. But you cannot have a stream that modifies an existing recording; it is merely passed as-is.

This is a known issue/bug: Issue #3943 – Stream Profile Ignored when playing recorded content