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Added by Roland Meier about 7 years ago


i have the Telestar DIGIBIT R1 [[]] and its running with my Tvheadend.
On our Samsung TV there was a App called Smart IPTV [[]]. This works perfectly with the build in Unicast List as HTTP Protocol.

For example i can get the m3u File via:

The current file looks like this:

#EXTINF:-1,Das Erste HD,5101,5102,5100
#EXTINF:-1,ZDF HD,6110,6120,6100
#EXTINF:-1,BR Fernsehen Süd HD,5201,5202,5200
#EXTINF:-1,RTL HD,255,259,96

Now i want to do the same with Tvheadend.

Is there a way to get also such an Unicast M3U List?
I get with:
a list but it looks different.

#EXTINF:-1,Das Erste HD
#EXTINF:-1,BR Fernsehen Süd

Is it possible to get it working and how?


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RE: Tvheadend IP TV Streaming Server - Added by Levente Cseh about 7 years ago

There is a channel number associated with each and every channel existing in your settings.
Find this identifier and try the following format:

http://username:[email protected]:9981/stream/channelid/1227236814

Username = your tvheadend username
Password =

Substitute with your tvh IP, 1227236814 is my ID for one of the channels.