How to Chromecast?

Added by Gabs Man over 3 years ago

I have a Chromecast 2. I also have a Media server running OpenMediaVault and TVHeadEnd with a dual tuner. I think it's great, works really well I have been using TVHClient on my phone, Kodi, Plex and the web interface.

I can watch Live TV or Recordings via Kodi no problem, and the Guide looks really good in Kodi too; but alas, there's no way to cast it to my TV from Kodi.

I have also set up channels in Plex for TVHeadEnd. I can view the Live TV adn also Recordings, although the Recordings won't play in the browser with Plex. I have worked out with a Movie library I can play the Recordings though. Unfortunately, although they play in the browser, Chromecast just wont play it properly, not sure if it's transcoding settings or what, it either say s Cannot play video or shows half the picture blurry. Similary using the Plex app on my phone.

With teh TVHClient it uses an external player. But when I go to the external player, it won't allow Chromecst; not sure if that's being limited by the app or TVH?

So has anyone got this working? If so, how do you do it? It's really frustrated as I just want to be able to watch TV recording on my TV, not just on my phone and tablet :(


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RE: How to Chromecast? - Added by Paul M 5 months ago

I too wondered why there wasn't a chromecast feature.

I found this, I don't know whether it's relevant as I'm not a developer.

RE: How to Chromecast? - Added by thermionic valve 3 months ago

With the exception of casting a web page to a chromecast device, when one casts using netflix/youtube/bbc iplayer etc, the stream address to cast from is passed to the chromecast, and the chromecast then connects directly to the stream.

There are two options, one complex, and one easy.

The complex option would be to write a "caster" for tvhe, and a suitable client (in effect duplicating the bbc iplayer client and server infrastructure)

The easy option would be to run Kodi on a device connected to your TV over HDMI.

RE: How to Chromecast? - Added by Joe User 2 months ago

I have not used in at least 3 years, but the paid version of tvhclient for android was able to "cast" live tvheadend streams. I never tried the paid version, but with the free version, I was able to use the an external player (mxplayer, I think??) and cast from it. The key was you had to transcode the stream to a format chromecast will accept. I think I just used one of the built in webtv profiles. Also, it was with the original chromecast device, I am not sure what format newer chromecast devices will accept. Also note this only worked for live streams as recordings are not transcoded...

RE: How to Chromecast? - Added by thermionic valve 26 days ago

If you were able to do so, it would be lovely thing to see.

You would need to use one of the supported codecs and either pass credentials to tvhe, or allow access without credentials.

RE: How to Chromecast? - Added by Joe User 25 days ago

I found my old chromecast over the weekend and plugged it in. Of course it immediately started an automatic update. After that, I could not cast anything. A factory reset and reconfigure allowed me to cast from chrome browser and VLC, but was not working with MXPlayer. Sorry, did not have time to troubleshoot anymore...

VLC could be used to cast:

Or have you seen this?:

RE: How to Chromecast? - Added by Paul M 25 days ago

@"Joe User"
pychromecast looks just about perfect for the job, thanks!

RE: How to Chromecast? - Added by Paul M 24 days ago

it's early days yet, but I have managed to watch a stream of BBC One HD, on my chromecast.

I created a "chromecast" profile which transcodes to h264/mp4.

It's eating 75% of one core of a core i3-2100, so working hard to transcode the video to h264 on the fly to chromecast to play.

I'll be posting code as soon as it's no longer hand cranked.

RE: How to Chromecast? - Added by Paul M 23 days ago

First cut of an EPG which allows you to cast live channels to a chromecast device is here:

instructions copied to here:
with a screenshot to show you how the streaming profile is made

I also send an email to "baloob" to say thanks.

Unfortunately I can't cast recordings because persistent auth tokens don't work for playing recordings, and I can't see in the API docs how to generate a ticket to temporarily authenticate playback.

RE: RE: How to Chromecast? - Added by Paul M 10 days ago

Some good progress on tvh_epg project.

At home I have my own DNS, so my TV Headend server has a resolvable name using my private DNS server. However, it appears that Chromecasts always use Google, so, I added a feature to make the program resolve the hostname to an IP address before telling Chromecast to play the stream.

I have found it works very well with my Chromecast 3rd gen. Also, I discovered that it works with my Chromecast Audio, allowing me to stream radio and the soundtrack off TV channels (both mpeg2 std def and h264 hi def channels). Oddly, ClassicFM only plays for two seconds and cuts out, I thought it might be due to a high bit rate but BBC Radio 3 plays just fine.

Talking of radio channels, people might like my command-line radio app (although it was written for the raspberry pi, it will run on anything: )