Priority for Live TV over PVR

Added by Renato Riolino almost 6 years ago

Hi, is it possible to give to live tv a higher priority? Sometimes I'm watching a show and an Autorec with priority Low/Unimportant starts and take over.

I'd like to set live tv a "normal" priority, this way when I'm watching something, only Autorecs with priorities above Normal would take over the live tv stream.

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RE: Priority for Live TV over PVR - Added by Jonathan Thomson almost 6 years ago

Set the priority of the streaming profile you are using. For example, if you want to make sure that live TV in Kodi is only interrupted by a recording with a higher priority, set the htsp streaming profile to 'DVR Override:<Your Preferred Priority>' then ensure any recordings you want to override this have a higher priority.

For example, by default, recordings have no (or default) priority so they are all treated equally. If you set the htsp profile to 'DVR Override: High' then only recordings with a priority higher than 'High' will be allowed to interrupt live TV.

I have not tested this (as I doubt with 8 tuners I'll ever have a clash) but it would be good if you could let me know if this works for you.

EDIT: Obviously if you're not using htsp as your default streaming profile (if you're using Kodi you should be :) ) then substitute htsp with your profile.

TVHStreamProfile.png (20.6 KB) TVHStreamProfile.png Setting the HTSP streaming profile
TVHRecordingProfile.png (22.2 KB) TVHRecordingProfile.png Setting the recording profile