TVHE with 3 Tevii tuners, but losing signal on two tuners all the time ?

Added by Paul Rensel about 10 years ago

Hi all,

I have TVHeadEnd running on Archlinux with 3 Tevii DVB-S2 cards, beeing the S464, S470 and S480.
In TVHE i can see 4 DVB adapters (The S480 is a twin-adapter card). All cards are connected to a single Quad LNB and have the same transponder setup (all 3 copied from the adapter0).

For some reason both S470 and S480 cards are not able to tune to all transponders whereas the S464 is tuned on all transponders 100% everytime.
Even after changing the LNB cables from the S464 to S470 or S480 neither card are abel to tune to all transponders.

Anybody any idea ?