4.1-2045: Many technical questions due to missing or hard-to-find clear docs

Added by Oliver S. over 6 years ago

I’m fairly new to TVHeadend and I’m setting up a multi-tier client-server environment with a Schwaiger MS41IP SAT>IP Multiswitch-Server (w/ four DVB-S2 tuners) and above TVH running on Ubuntu 16.04 ([email protected]).

- If I re-check my (only single) network setting (Astra), the pre-defined muxes field which was initially set (Astra), it's now empty. Is this an expected behavior?
- Is there no way to distinguish between radio and tv services while automatically mark/address them in the services section for easier searching/mapping?
- While constantly idle scanning muxes, over time there are more and more services found also with multiple same services name, which are not published by SES/Astra and seem to not work (Ghost's). Should I turn off "idle scanning" and better just use the predefined muxes?
- When mapping these multiple (same) services with the option „merge name“ what happens exactly? Can this be (non)beneficial?
- On all my devices with TVH Client (Kodi) every time I start a HTSP stream of a HD service first, it stalls and the the "subscription status" shows „bad“. After a long while, it recovers and starts to stream. Is this an expected behavior for a true 1Gbs network?
- While using TVH Client 2.2.15 (Kodi), I can’t make Picons visible. I have downloaded the recent SRP-SymLink-Files ( and added their path in the „general section" while also resetting caches on TVH server/client. The name of all/most links match the „icon URL“ in Channels/EPG.

Wish list:
While (with TVH) now replacing my former similar solution from Reel-Multimedia (which was built on Klaus Schmidiger’s VDR), I’m missing two very useful features:
- "Search Timers“ for auto recordings with the possibility to exclude repeatings (re-runs) by comparing elements of the EPG.
- The possibility to eaisily setup such above search timers with the TVH client (Kodi).

THX for any quick support.

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RE: 4.1-2045: Many technical questions due to missing or hard-to-find clear docs - Added by FuN KeY over 6 years ago

Your second problem comes from your SAT>IP device. It does not flush buffer properly. Upon channel switch data from the previous channel are sent after the new one have been requested and this messes up the service detection.

Disabling idle scanning could help, but it will not solve the issue. Changing channel will also trigger the ghost channel appearance for the same reason.

One approach would to be use the setting "skip initial bytes" on the tuner do discard the garbage data, but I am not sure if this setting is available on SAT>IP tuner. If not it would make sense to add it because I've seen a few SAT>IP implementation suffering from the same problem.

For the third problem make sure to use a %c or %C in the path (depending on your naming convention) to get the matching working. Read the help if it is unclear.