Using HDHomerun ATSC with TVHeadend

Added by Karl Poglitsch almost 11 years ago

Hopefully someone can help everwhere else is coming up blank...

Currently I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 and have TVHeadend 2.12 installed. I've also
followed the direction posted in a thread over at SiliconDust to get a Linux DVB
Driver installed so that TVHeadend recognizes the device(s) on the network.

I'm in the Northeast United States, and I have a cable signal coming into the
house. On my TVs I get some 77 analog stations (I understand the HDHomeRun WILL
NOT pick those up), and about 22 unencrylted digital signals. The digital
signals are QAM256. Within the Windows software, I am able to tune the channels
in the native HDHomerun software, and also using Team MedialPortal's TV Server.
Actually, I have a Windows XP Virtual PC running on the above Ubuntu server and
I'm able to serve up the TV signals using that, however I'd like to get rid of
the virtual machine is use a native Linux TV server. TVHeadend is my first

Anyway, within TVHeadend, I DO see the tuners under TV Adapters. I add an
appropriate DVB Network and let TVHeadend scan. It finds a bunch of muxes
(somewhere in the 124 range which I assume is audio and video) When that's
complete, I go back to the General tab and try to Map DVB services to channels.
At this point, it only maps TWO of the channels. At that point I'm stuck and
I'm not sure what to do.

I'm trying to use TVHeadend with the PVR Branch of XBMC. I can't seem to
connect to TVHeadend from XBMC. I've tried adding users within the access
control tab, however whenever I do anything there, I get a transaction aborted
message. It appears that the changes take however, but the message makes me
think I have some sort of permissions issue and maybe that's impacting the
functionality elsewhere.

If there are any ideas I'd like to hear them... I'm not great with Linux, but
I'm able to struggle through most tasks. Much appreciated for any help...


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RE: Using HDHomerun ATSC with TVHeadend - Added by Jon Stevens over 10 years ago


I have the same issue - ATSC HDHomeRun - I can add the tuner, add muxes, find 28 signals, but if I click to map to channels I do not get any added, it appears to scan the channel and not get a response. I also have simiar issues linking to XBMC although have not really troubleshoted this. I am a MythTV user looking to get over to TVHeadend. If you have any success please let me know


RE: Using HDHomerun ATSC with TVHeadend - Added by Karl Poglitsch over 10 years ago

Still nothing, I'm am now working with Team Mediaportal TV Server as my TV server backend with great results. It's a Windows solution, but frankly, I'm not sure all the fiddling with Linux and these capture devices is worth the trouble. If a fix/solution comes along, I'd be glad to try it again.

I think the Mediaportal solution is the most robust TV Server backend right now or that's the impression I get from the XBMC forums.

RE: Using HDHomerun ATSC with TVHeadend - Added by Jon Stevens over 10 years ago

I got it working with Mediaportal, but couldn't quite get the channels to link up properly to schedulesdirect - can not figure out how to edit which channel goes to which EPG. I still have it running but not happy with it. Also, after 15 minutes the stream degrades and you have to stop watching and start again to fix it.

Last night I tried tvheadend again and I have it working! - so far I can only see 5 channels when I should see 22, but the EPG is correct and the stream is much more stable than Mediaportal.

Anyway, if you wanted to try again, I did manage to get it to work with the lates dvb_hdhomerun