Moving recording files

Added by Steve Black over 6 years ago

I have developed a post-recording script that renames the recording file using filebot, moving it into my Kodi library location at the same time. Naturally this causes TVH to notice the file is missing and flag the log as a failed recording. As an experiment I added code to find the log file for the recording and edit it with sed to replace the old file name with the new one (fully qualified). This allows for another script to automate management of recording files based on presence/absence of the log file, but TVH does not automatically recognize that the recording file is available again, so the recording remains in the Failed Recordings tab. However, I've discovered that once TVH is restarted, it DOES find the recording files and all the recording entries get moved back to the Finished Recordings tab.

I'm wondering if there is a technique (API call of some sort?) that I should be using to tell TVH the new file location, or to refresh the log or something. If not, then I would like to suggest the enhancement of either providing such a mechanism, or adding an periodic review of failed logs to see if the file has reappeared.