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Added by Andrzej Kacper over 7 years ago

Hello people. As my first post wanna say hello

Im living in Germany but i can't install satelite dish. So my idea is make streaming server in Poland with TBS5881 DVB-T2/T/C TV Tuner CI USB box and send to Germany with KODI. It's RPi3 strong enough to transcode one channel on demand, or mabe i should make normal x86 platform ?

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RE: TVHeadend - streaming server - Added by Prof Yaffle over 7 years ago

I don't know that Pi3 would fail - but I suspect it would. Transcoding is CPU-intensive, and the 3 is about 150% as fast as a 2 - but I would even try it on a 2, so you'll have to draw your own conclusions. It would probably work for SD MPEG-2, might work for H.264, and would probably fail for HD H.264 (guessing) - and would certainly fail if you're playing with multiple streams.

You probably want to look into SAT>IP somewhere in there. That might be what you mean by "streaming server", but that would give you a local tvh setup in DE for recording, channel management, etc. that then uses IP to the remote one back in PL, which in turn has the tuners. Not 100% necessary, as Kodi could talk directly to the remote tvh backend, but it feels like it might be more useful. Indeed, I seem to recall that you can get SAT>IP LNBs, which would catch the signal in PL and send it all the way over a suitable IP tunnel to wherever you are...

RE: TVHeadend - streaming server - Added by Andrzej Kacper over 7 years ago

Thx for reply. With SAT-IP still problem will be High Bitrate, my upload is only 10 mega in Poland. That why my idea is get signal in Poland and send transcoded to DE. I know VU Duo have this option but the price is bit to high.