Al Jazeera Sports Epg

Added by john smith almost 11 years ago

Al Jazeera Sports is a tv package on hotbird 13e that is cheap and great for football unfortunately there is no epg. After some googling I see that a plugin called rytec on dreambox enigma images is able to get 3/4 days of epg for these channels. Must parse some website.

It gets the epg from the file within this .gz :

Can anyone tell me if its possible to somehow get this xmltv data into tvheadend (and if so, be able to update the epg every 24 hours or so).

ps: great to see a forum setup!

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RE: Al Jazeera Sports Epg - Added by Carlo Landmeter over 8 years ago

I'm absolutely no xmltv guru, but with some help from #hts I was able to get JSC (al jazeera sports) into my tvheadend.

  1. Download from
  2. Extract the file and open it in your favorite xml reader
  3. Search for JSC in the file and you should see a xml section with a few URL's
  4. To my understanding, all these url's have the same file called: rytecxmltvosn.gz so you only need one of the URL's provided
  5. This file can be inserted into tvheadend with the socket option. Enable it in Configuration -> Channel/EPG -> EPG Grabber -> External grabbers (XMLTV)
  6. gunzip rytecxmltvosn.gz
  7. socat ./rytecxmltvosn UNIX-CONNECT:/tvheadend-config-directory/epggrab/xmltv.sock

I put a small script "xmltv-import-jsc" inside /etc/periodic/daily (don't forget to change socket location)


XML=$(mktemp -u)

curl -so $XML $URL

if gzip -t $XML; then
        zcat $XML | socat stdin UNIX-CONNECT:$SOCKET

rm $XML

You can repeat the steps for other sources provided by rytec.

After the first run, tvheadend xmltv function will create epg channels options for each EPG channel found in the xml file. Afterwards you can go to your channel list and select which EPG channel should match your local channel. You can also undo any wrong automatically mapped EPG vs channel inside your channel list. Don't forget to save when you mapped everything.
After mapping you will have to run the import again to actually import any EPG data in your newly mapped channels.