muxes awaiting initial scan and, HTSP adapter in use by other subscription

Added by sami abdullah about 10 years ago


I am using tvheadend version 2.12 and notice that tvheadend does whole transponders rescanning fairly frquently that probably makes me unable to watch live tv with the log saying:
Sep 04 19:08:46 htsp: Got connection from

Sep 04 19:08:46 htsp: Identified as user sami

Sep 04 19:08:46 htsp: [ sami ]: Welcomed client software: HTS Showtime

Sep 04 19:08:46 htsp: [ sami | HTS Showtime ]: Privileges raised

Sep 04 19:09:02 subscription: No transponder available for subscription " [ sami | HTS Showtime ]" to channel "ProSieben HD"

I am really not sure if this "mux awaiting initial scan" is the reason that the adapter is not accessible for me. I wish to hear if this
is known issue or something wrong on my own setup. Looking for a response.

Thanks and best regards,