epg query from one channel failed?

Added by Thomas Heilmann about 7 years ago

i made some days ago a bug ticket (#3271) here. Maybe was this the wrong way. I´m sorry for this double entry.

i am using tvheadend as a tv-recording backend for emby. The whole thing is working great so far but there is one weird problem. I´m missing the epg of one german channel (n-tv) in emby. In TVHeadend the epg for all channels are correct and useable, but with the plugin in emby the epg for this one channel is not available.

I´m in contact with the developer of the plugin for debugging.

We found this at the epg query from the plugin:
1) We ask TVH for the channels and get:
channelId : 201367061
channelName : n-tv
2) We ask TVH for the events (EPG) for channel 201367061 and get:
error : Channel does not exist

I am using HTS Tvheadend 4.0.7 on a ubuntu server 14.04 LTS.

Maybe someone has an idea or can help me to fix this?
- Antropy