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Added by Alex M over 7 years ago


I am pretty new to tvheadend. I got pretty much everything up and running on my odroid. I like it a lot an donate for the nice tool!

There is a very minor problem left which is although essential to me...

I live in Europe and enjoy the arte Channel! In Germany there is an SD and a HD Version of many Channels, thus there is an
'arte' and an 'arte HD'. For some reason, only 'arte' sends EPG Data and not 'arte HD' so I can only program the pvr in SD.
Of course I want HD... So a solution would be as content and times is identical despite SD vs. HD to use the 'arte' EPG for 'arte HD'. I was unable to figure out how I could tweak that.

Does someone have an idea?



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RE: use EPG from another Channel - Added by M W over 7 years ago


I had a similar problem. I have 3x Arte: arte, arte HD and ARTE HD. The last one is a dead channel.
Maybe your satellite data ist wrong.
The working ones are:

arte Satellit/10743.75H/arte
arte HD Satellit/11493.75H/arte HD

both on dvb-bourquet://dvbs,19.2E


RE: use EPG from another Channel - Added by Chris B over 7 years ago

Same problem here, but on DVB-C. SD channel without EPG and HD with full EPG.
I've created feature request for it here: [[]]

RE: use EPG from another Channel - Added by Prof Yaffle over 7 years ago

I've not tried this, nor have I looked at it, so ...

I'm wondering if the data is available in xmltv format. If so, it might be possible to either:

1. Process the xmltv grab to just include this channel data/configure xmltv to only get this one channel, and/or

2. Make sure that this one channel is set to use external EPG (the data above), with everything else set to use OTA

And if the xmltv data doesn't exist for the HD channel but does for the SD one, then you perhaps have the option to sed/awk the grabber file to change the channel name before importing it, or duplicating the SD data under the HD name.

Perhaps none of that makes sense, though, but there might be something there...

RE: use EPG from another Channel - Added by Prof Yaffle over 7 years ago

Chris B will have been notified of this, but other may want to watch the issue he raised... fix in progress...