Who is responsible for maintenance of the Kodi Tvheadend addon?

Added by Sean Micklem over 7 years ago

Ever since Kodi pushed out an upgrade (from Helix to Isengard) and a new version of the kodi-pvr-hts addon, many users have been finding that they can no longer skip through recorded programs reliably. If you try to skip forward or backward, it may work as you expect or you may get sent to some completely random point ion the program, even to the very beginning or very end. This is a problem that has only appeared in the new version, and has been documented in a bug report at and also discussed in the Kodi forum at but it seems nothing is being done to fix the problem. Again this was not a problem in previous versions of the addon or Kodi.

Since Kodi is probably the most widely-used frontend that is used with Tvheadend, I would think there would be some interest in getting this fixed. So now I'm wondering if it's been brought to the attention of the people who might be able to figure out what the problem is, and actually fix it. Therefore my question, just who is responsible for maintenance of the Kodi Tvheadend addon? Is it someone on the Kodi development team, or is it someone associated with the Tvheadend project, or is it some third party that's not affiliated with either of them?

It would be great to see some forward motion on fixing this issue, or at least a status update so that we know that someone's actually looking at this issue. I'm convinced this is NOT a Tvheadend issue, since anyone running an older version of Kodi and the previous version of the PVR addon are not experiencing this issue. Nor it it a problem anywhere else in Kodi, only when trying to access recordings on the backend via the Live TV menu, which utilizes the new PVR addon.

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RE: Who is responsible for maintenance of the Kodi Tvheadend addon? - Added by Dreamcat 4 over 7 years ago

Are the developers. It's entirely unstable however.

What I found was that the building of the addon is far from ideal right now. However wsniperx is the build manager, who also has other PPAs.

This is where i got my kodi.pvr.hts addon installed from:

deb vivid main

For kodi I installed a nightly build of it from the usual wiki pages.

deb utopic main

They are of very specific dates. Which are:

$ apt show kodi 2>&1 | grep Version
Version: 2:16.0~git20150903.0200-9ba6449-0vivid

$ apt show kodi.pvr.hts 2>&1 | grep Version
Version: 2.2.6-1~vivid

However if those versions are no longer available you'll have to figure it out for yourself. They keep making backwards - incompatible API changes on HEAD and i really cannot keep track myself.

RE: Who is responsible for maintenance of the Kodi Tvheadend addon? - Added by c128 m over 7 years ago

Probably best for those impacted to drive it a bit on the bug tracker, I guess.

I suspect (or guess really, it's a little hard to tell from the responses) that replication is the main problem.
That might be something we can help out with a bit but, as you say, it's gone a little quiet on there; it's still not really clear to me whether a developer has replicated the issue in a dev environment, which is going to be pre-requisite for anything other than a "punt this change out there and see if it sorts it" fix, as what's in the logs doesn't seem particularly conclusive. is a very annoying bug though :(