IPTV MUXING dual audio issue

Added by xyz xyz about 6 years ago


In our Digital Headend we are facing problem to configure dual audio for a channel. The problem is vendor has provided us Setup box to receive the channels in our Headend. from that STB we are distributing further to our clients. We are getting one channel from one STB and only one audio whatever you will select on the STB the same audio will be available for the clients.

provider is streaming two audio on the channel now we are taking the output of the STB which is HDMI and converting to SDI. after encoding (IP Out) we are joining the channel in IP MUX Input to get the second audio we have configure the same channel on another STB and joined on the same MUX input.

At the output it will stream only channel and we are trying to merge the second audio PID to stream 1 but its not working.

Request you to share your views its seems like the secondary stream PID is not syncing with primary stream all though both PIDs are from same satellite & frequency both the stream are identical.

IP MUX Model (Cisco DCM 9902).