how to save muxes list for a new tvh intallation

Added by Gianluca Rapi almost 8 years ago

Hi all
i have 2 dvb cards in my system, for my dvbs card no problem to find muxes list automaticaly and scan services for chs list,but for my other dvbt card i had to enter all muxes one by one by hand because no way to obtain it automaticaly; my question is if there is a way to save a file with muxes list and use it in, as per title, a new fresh install, to be able don't waste time on this operation for a 2nd time.
I suppose there is just this file in some of my system directorys but where? I canot find any info about this and is very strange because, in my opinion, this issue is very important; I put a lot of time for a simple chs scanning.....

My system is Raspberry pi-2 + openelec with Kodi as fronted.

Many thanks for any help.


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RE: how to save muxes list for a new tvh intallation - Added by Prof Yaffle almost 8 years ago

If you're on 3.9.x, the default (Ubuntu) location is:


... so OpenElec will be something like /storage/.hts/... or similar. The first UUID identifies the network; the second is then the mux.

Now, whether you can simply copy these elsewhere, I have no idea, as the UUIDs may not be portable. You'd have to try, I suspect - or maybe stop tvh, remove a mux config, restart it and see what happens, and then stop/replace/restart to see if it reappears.

I suppose the other angle would be to quickly define a few 'fake' or 'dummy' muxes, stop tvheadend, replace the fake mux configs with the ones from your old installation, and restart the service. That at least would bring over all the settings like frequency, bandwidth, encoding, etc. and isn't dependent on the UUIDs as those would be generated by the fake muxes.

Finally, auto-discovery typically works well if you give it time, so you only really have to add one good mux and the rest will normally follow.

RE: how to save muxes list for a new tvh intallation - Added by Gianluca Rapi almost 8 years ago

ok.... :)
i find networks directory in:
this contain 2 folders in ref. of my 2 dvb cards, this ones contain simple .txt files with muxes and services config.

As per your suggestion, after saving its on my desktop by FTP i cancell 1 mux config and i restart system; after boot tvh show only second one network with his own service and channels and all working well for its.
To continue my test i upload cancelled mux config and i restard system; after boot all back again working well for my 2 dvb cards.

At this point remain me to test this issue on a fresh system installation but i suppose will be no any problem; mux config seems to be portable.

For the moment i wish thanks you very much mr. Yaffle for your help, hoping this our conversation may help others solving similar problem.

Greetings all.