Wich DVB-C to use?

Added by Mats Börjesson about 10 years ago

I wonder wich DVB-C is recommended for Tvheadend?

I would like to use it with openelec but it looks to be impossible to find a TV-tuner thats work´s with it.

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RE: Wich DVB-C to use? - Added by Hein Rigolo about 10 years ago

any DVB-C tuner that is supported under linux should work with tvheadend. You can find a list of PCI cards here:

Personally I have good experiences with TechnoTrend C-1500 en TerraTec Cinergy 1200 DVB-C. I pick them all up as second hand cards. But being PCI limits your hardware choses and expandability.

If I would need to buy new I would go for a USB tuner or if I feel adventurous I would pick up one of those Digital Devices (probably the octopus version so I can expand to 8 tuners) but the support if still (highly?) experimental.

Have a look around the linuxtv site for more supported hardware.