[Solved] Login data for version 2.12

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a mandrivauser colleague has build a rpm-package for mandriva linux, tvheadend in version 2.12. In version 2.11 I have access to the webinterface "http://localhost:9981/" without enter any username or password. Now in version 2.12 tvheadend needs a username and password to became access to the webinterface? So I have read the documentation and find this

4 Configuration and administration

All configuration and administration of Tvheadend is conducted via the built in web user interface.

To access the configuration tab (and its sub panels) you need Admin-access. For details about access 
control, please see the 'Access-Control' section in this chapter.

But there is no "Access-Control" section. I had try it with my root and my user datas but noway. What are the right login datas for the webinterface? Thanks for your support. By the way, if I run tvheadend direct from terminal, everything looks fine

$ tvheadend 
[ALERT]:dvb: Unable to open /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0 -- Device or resource busy
[INFO]:dvr: Creating new configuration ''
[WARNING]:dvr: Output directory for video recording is not yet configured for DVR configuration "". Defaulting to to "/home/grover/Videos". This can be changed from the web user interface.
[INFO]:CSA: Using SSE2 128bit parallel descrambling
[NOTICE]:START: HTS Tvheadend version 2.12 started, running as PID:28672 UID:500 GID:500, settings located in '/home/grover/.hts/tvheadend'
[INFO]:AVAHI: Service 'Tvheadend' successfully established.


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RE: [Solved] Login data for version 2.12 - Added by Super Grover over 10 years ago

The option -C solved my problem, run $ tvheadend -C.

 -C              If no useraccount exist then create one with
                 no username and no password. Use with care as
                 it will allow world-wide administrative access
                 to your Tvheadend installation until you edit
                 the access-control from within the Tvheadend UI