Remove adapter?

Added by Bob Rollins over 9 years ago

How can I delete a tuner adapter that is no longer installed? I installed a tuner adapter before discovering that it was not the right type. I have an appropriate tuner adapter installed and generally working now, but both adapters now appear in TVH. I'd like to delete the old adapter, just to make sure that other issues are not caused by having two adapters listed, with only one active. How can I delete this old adapter?

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RE: Remove adapter? - Added by Bob Rollins over 9 years ago

Found the answer. Note at the bottom of the DVB Configuration wiki: "There is currently no way to remove configuration for a no longer present adapter."

RE: Remove adapter? - Added by Prof Yaffle over 9 years ago

It may be possible to delete it manually from the config - take a good backup (with permissions/owners), shut down tvheadend, and wander around the config, especially ~/.hts/tvheadend/input/linuxdvb/adapters. That's where you have the adapter records that tie back to the networks and thence muxes and services. If you're changing to an adapter of the same type, or keeping the network/mux definitions for the old adapter, then this should be fine; if not, you may have some 'ghost' network definitions, but you can delete those through the GUI before you shut down if that's a risk (and likewise any surplus muxes).

Completely untested, it's just what I'd do... and probably break something, which is why the first thing you need is the backup :)