How TvHeadend reacts to IPTV stream with choppy video?

Added by dhead 666 over 10 years ago

I've played a little with TvHeadend, found out that there's a bug within it that makes it impossible to use with DVB-T service on my country
The best solution i've found was to use MuMuDVB to streams channels from DVB-T dongle and adding these streams as IPTV services on TvHeadend.
A problem arise when i've got low reception.
When watching the stream from MuMuDVB on VLC, low reception is appear as choppy, pixelized video.
When watching on XBMC with TvHeadend plugin, with low reception the video just freeze indefinitely.
Any idea if this can fixed from TvHeadend side? (Like sending the original choppy h264 stream or sending black frames)
I might add that i don't have this setup running right now because i found it isn't ready to be implemented just yet and also that my spare time is a bit limited.
And also i don't think that trying to get better reception will solve this issue because you can't absolutely promise high reception, so i can get used to choppy video once in a hour but not a full freeze that force me to reload the channel.