Can't get working files for channels/channeltags/iptvservices

Added by Some One over 7 years ago


I created a simple script for importing M3U files into TVHeadEnd. The script converts everything into three different files which are stored in their subfolders - channels, channeltags, iptvservices. I copied JSON "variables" from original files which are created by TVHeadEnd's webinterface and put data into each file through script's loop.

The thing which is annoying me is that I can't get those files working with TVHeadEnd, but I tried to change almost everything. From permissions rwx (chmod 700), different channel names and things like that to dos2unix converting. It's not working and I can't get it working.

I don't know anymore what to do (-.-"), so I would really please you to help me with advices what should I try.

Thank you in advance!