strange behavior after installation. Jockey drops in

Added by speed master over 10 years ago

I had tvheadend installed before, but had to reinstall engine (after some mixup with eg zoneminder).

So after installation ALL seems to be ok.
But as soon I do a "Add DVB netowork by location", system gets really slow and all the CPU time is eaten away. The system almost stalls and becomes unmanageable.
Reason is a process called "jockey-backend" as well as several "jockey-gtk" processes seen in "top".
As soon as I delete the created multiplex in tvheadend, it is back to normal.

Very strange I think as I found that jockey is somehow related to Nvidia drivers.... No IDEA!

I have 2Haupauge HVR4000 cards running on Xubuntu 10.04.