tvheadend hdhomerun XMBC live PVR homeserver distro

Added by Benno Clausen over 10 years ago

does anybody know if there is a linux distro prepacked with tvheadend and hdhomerun running on a homeserver like linux?

I'm thinking it would be awesome to have a distro with:
- a Windows Home Server like linux running something like flexraid, with a simple dashboard user interface like WH
- tvheadend + hdhomerun preconfigured, also with a simple user interface
- XMBC PXE booting preconfigured (to work with tvheadend), so that one could scatter ION2 based nettops around the house without harddrives and have them boot up via the homeserver

Maybe this isn't the right forum - then maybe someone could point me in the right direction.

The above would be awesome as it would allow non-programmers like me to utilise the power of linux in a media center world. I currently use Windows Media Center which is very nice, its got an awesome user interface and its easy to setup, but its not good for a media center setup with multiple clients.