EPG Timeline

Added by Tobias T over 6 years ago


sorry my english is very bad. I am looking for the timeline in EPG?
See picture.

please help me

Thx tkt

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RE: EPG Timeline - Added by Gary Brown over 6 years ago

you need to speak to the skin developer for xbmc for this as it's not what tvheadend does.

RE: EPG Timeline - Added by Detlef Bloch over 6 years ago

Hi Tobias,

have a look at this:

either follow the master or the tvheadend-4.0 branch, depending on your version of TVH.



RE: EPG Timeline - Added by Paul M almost 2 years ago

I'd really like to find someone who is great at web design and can turn the EPG mockup in the first post into real HTML and CSS