Missing Analog Tuner(cx23880)

Added by Alexander Thiess over 10 years ago


i have running tvheadend 2.12 with xbmc as frontend. I use two cards, one MSI Digivox mini II and one Terratec Cinergy HT PCI mkII. The second one has a DVB-T and Analog Tuner(without MPEG hardware enccoder) and uses the cx23880 chip. Tvheadend detects both DVB-T tuner without any Problems, but not the analog tuner. The drivers are correctly installed and the Card is tested with xawtv. It's possible to setup it manually? Btw. has Tvheadend any saved logs?


[b]Edit:[/b] Ok, i found a answer for my question. The problem is the missing mpeg hardware encoder.