grabber not injecting events into EPG

Added by Cotie Jones over 10 years ago

Since upgrading my distro to Natty (Ubuntu 11.04) from 10.04 (skipped using tvheadend with Maverick 10.10) I have been unable to get EPG working. I.e., can't populate my epg b/c tvheadend failing to inject events, eg: "xmltv: /usr/bin/tv_grab_file: Parsing completed. XML contained 62 channels, 27134 events, 0 new events injected in EPG." This looked like a permissions problem to me, so I tried making everything writable, but no luck. I have had this problem with the prebuilt synaptic build and with the build I am currently using that I built/installed from source. I don't think this was related to previous problems I had with the grabber (which turned out to be because of separate instances of tvhe running before my dvb driver started), but I do think it has something to do with differences in the upgraded distro, because I never saw this issue before upgrading. Can anyone offer any suggestions?