Cant find channel names or info..

Added by robert l about 8 years ago

I am having a problem that i have seen alot of people post, but havn't found a solution..

My setup is Openelec 3.2.2 generic x64
Using avermedia M780 tuners
When i try to setup ATSC it scans the muxes, and will find about 30 channels which is correct but will show no info at all for channel names or network or anything like that.. meaning no epg or any of that.. i know this problem has been happening to people for at least a year.. and found one post saying they had changed code in tvheadend that broke it.. but i havn't been able to find a fix. Anyone have any ideas? thanks...

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RE: Cant find channel names or info.. - Added by Peter Walsh almost 8 years ago

Seems a lot of people have been having this issue, but there's been no response for a long long time. It works in build 3.2, but not 3.4

RE: Cant find channel names or info.. - Added by robert l almost 8 years ago

There was a response, i went into their IRC channel and was told that the developers are in europe, and since they dont use ATSC.. that it will more than likely never be fixed, and that is about it..

I did get mine working. but took about 5 hours manually editing and entering every channel...
Now that being said.. i ended up dropping it all. openelec is just too flakey, it would lock up on me if i fast foward through videos too fast. random issues.. might be my machine but never has a problem in windows..