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Added by Akos Sz over 8 years ago


I was struggling a lot with Tvheadend GUI since it goes very slow with huge number of DVB services and does not support bulk change of settings.
Finally I decided to build a small application to address these issues otherwise I could not configure my system.
I am not an experienced SW developer, so the main goal was to get a dirty app which fullfills my basic demands. Finally I spent too much time with it and since the outcome looks usable for others I decided to share it, as it is.
In this forum I can see that others have similar problems that I had, hence probably they will find this app useful.

It is called TVHeadEdit.

The main features are:
  • It is able to manage thousands of services (Tested with 8000)
  • Ability to edit multiple items at once. (Yes, you can assign a tag to hundred of channels at once)
  • Filtering lists by multiple conditions for easier operation (You can filter on anything)
  • Advanced mapping to distinct channel names by adding provider name and satellite position (Talking channel names)
  • Channel number inserting by automatic shifting of channel numbers (Easy reordering of channels)
  • Automatic numbering of selected group of channels (Slow, but working)
  • Transponder data update based on (It looks more reliable than Tvheadend autoscan)
Of course there are limitations.
  • Only DVB-S support (I do not have DVB-T card, and tipically DVB-S provides huge number of services)
  • Not fool-proof (I assume that much more input validation, etc would be needed. As I said I am not a SW developer)

Download and unzip the file then click on install.
Probably you will observe antivirus notification regarding the source reliability. At least I saw on my computer.
Do not worry it is a Microsoft Visual Studio project. It will install .net if necessary.

Teaser video:

Additional video about channel logo selector

Test it. Use it. I hope you will find it useful.

The recommended way of working is to have a local copy of service.multimedia.tvheadend folder. Edit it with the app. If everything is OK, then the original service.multimedia.tvheadend content can be overwritten. Tvheadend has to be restarted to apply the changes.

I do not plan to spend to much time with further improvements but some bug fixes can be expected.


You can always download the latest from the link below.
(Check regularly, can be updated without notification)

updated: 28/01/2015 - New version compatible with rewritten DVB database

Last update 18/07/2016 - I realized that Tvheadend database has been changed again. Now it stores information of some MUX-es in a kind of zip files some others are in the legacy format hence the tool is currently not able to recognize it.
I will investigate if it is worth updating the tool.

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RE: TVHeadEdit tool - Added by piotr w about 8 years ago

[email protected]:~$ sudo cat /home/hts/.hts/tvheadend/dvbadapters/_dev_dvb_adapte r2_STB0899_Multistandard
[sudo] password for peter: {
"enabled": 1,
"fe_path": "/dev/dvb/adapter2/frontend0",
"dmx_path": "/dev/dvb/adapter2/demux0",
"dvr_path": "/dev/dvb/adapter2/dvr0",
"type": "DVB-S",
"displayname": "STB0899 Multistandard",
"autodiscovery": 1,
"idlescan": 1,
"idleclose": 0,
"skip_checksubscr": 0,
"sidtochan": 0,
"qmon": 0,
"poweroff": 0,
"nitoid": 0,
"diseqc_version": 0,
"diseqc_repeats": 0,
"extrapriority": 0,
"skip_initialscan": 0,
"disable_pmt_monitor": 0,
"full_mux_rx": -1,
"grace_period": 0

RE: TVHeadEdit tool - Added by Akos Sz about 8 years ago

It looks OK. I have no clue. I should see your complete database.
If you think you can share me. Zip your tvheadend folder and send me via dropbox. I can check it during coming days.

RE: TVHeadEdit tool - Added by Antonw Wallner almost 8 years ago

Hello Akos Sz,

friendly bumper asking if you made any progress with the programm (dvb rewrite etc..)


RE: TVHeadEdit tool - Added by Akos Sz almost 8 years ago


Not yet.
Someone could inspire me by sending a rewritten database to have a quick look.

RE: TVHeadEdit tool - Added by dreamer538 dreamer538 over 7 years ago

Hi guys,
this tool looks very interesting.
But I found a bug in it.
It's connected with incorrect work with cyrillic symbols.
Everything works fine until you save the database.
Having saved it, you get ????? instead of all cyrillic names.
I'm sure it could be easily fixed, could you take a look?
I guess you just need to use utf-8 to save the output.

RE: TVHeadEdit tool - Added by Akos Sz over 7 years ago

Hi dreamer538,

Thanks for the response.
Are you talking about custom channel name field? Have you tried if cyrillic characters are working on the tvheadend web interface?
I paid attention to have the same output format and coding as the original database, so the solution does not look so obvious.

RE: TVHeadEdit tool - Added by dreamer538 dreamer538 over 7 years ago

Hi Akos Sz,

and thanks for a quick reply.

Cyrillic characters work fine if you edit it directly in the web interface.

They show well in the program until you save the database. And in saved files you see only ?.
Just to check: if you have a page in cyrillyc (koi8-r), e.g. and you force utf-8 charset you'll see ?
instead of letters too.
But in the original file there's utf-8 encoding.

You can download an example of a channeltag file with cyrillic name:

Best Regards

2 (116 Bytes) 2

RE: TVHeadEdit tool - Added by Akos Sz over 7 years ago


Thanks for the provided input files and explanation. I will check the issue soon.
As far as I remember by setting utf-8 as output format put extra characters at the beginning of the file. However there should be a solution.


RE: TVHeadEdit tool - Added by Akos Sz over 7 years ago

Hi dreamer538 and others,

I have uploaded a new version of TvHeadEdit tool with the requested change and some other minor improvements.
Please test it.

Download the latest (10026) form here:


RE: TVHeadEdit tool - Added by Masen Sueifan over 7 years ago

Do I understand it that this edit tool do not work with tvh version >= 3.9?

RE: TVHeadEdit tool - Added by Akos Sz over 7 years ago


Most probably you are right.
I am using Openelec which includes TVH 3.4.27. So, I have never met with the modified database of TVH. I am open to implement the support of new version, however I would need an example database.


RE: TVHeadEdit tool - Added by Masen Sueifan over 7 years ago

I can send you all files you need, just tell me wich one.

RE: TVHeadEdit tool - Added by Akos Sz over 7 years ago

Thanks in advance.
Please zip the complete "service.multimedia.tvheadend" folder into a single file and share with me.

RE: TVHeadEdit tool - Added by Masen Sueifan over 7 years ago

I have tvh running on an ubuntu server so the folder "service.multimedia.tvheadend" does not exist. I read here in the wiki that the structure of tvh 3.9 has changed. Can you tell me which files you need? channel, etc.?

RE: TVHeadEdit tool - Added by Akos Sz over 7 years ago

I would need information about the folder structure as well. That's why I asked for a zipped file containing all the database folders.
Subfolders my tool is looking for:
- dvbadapters
- dvbsatconf
- dvbmuxes
- dvbtransports
- channels
- channeltags

RE: TVHeadEdit tool - Added by piotr w over 7 years ago

I really don't understand how you fail to explain WHAT folder structure you need. This very same question has been asked before and will be asked again if you don't make this clear in your documentation.

So to avoid this question in the future:

Where does your tool run ?
What database/folder/files does it need (XBMC, TVHEADEND)
Is this an OpenElec tool only ?

RE: TVHeadEdit tool - Added by Masen Sueifan over 7 years ago

I created a zip-file with hopefully the files you need.


the files has different names.

RE: TVHeadEdit tool - Added by Akos Sz over 7 years ago

Yes, this is exactly what I need.
I could not explain better the exact path if I do not have TVH running on a given platform. It seems that it was even possible to understand that I needed the folder where TVH stores its data.

RE: TVHeadEdit tool - Added by Akos Sz over 7 years ago

Hi Masen,

Is it still possible to assign custom channel name when a DVB service is mapped to a channel?
I cannot see such mapping in your database.

See this example channel descriptor file. This is how it looks like today. {
"number": 0,
"dvr_pre_time": 0,
"dvr_pst_time": 0,
"services": [
"tags": [

This is an old one:

"name": "Lifestyle TV (Telenor 0.8W)",
"tags": [
"dvr_extra_time_pre": 0,
"dvr_extra_time_post": 0,
"channel_number": 0

I wonder if the "name" tag is still valid in the new TVH database.
Could you please check if custom mapping is available on the GUI? If yes then please change the mapping of any service to a custom name e.g "myChannelname" and send me the content of the /home/hts/.hts/tvheadend/channel/ folder.

Meanwhile I am ready with the loading of the new version.


RE: TVHeadEdit tool - Added by Acid Rain almost 7 years ago


Are you still working on this tool?
It's sounds very well. (could not test it here, dropbox is locked at work... ;-) )
I'm using TVHeadEnd 3.9.xxxx with a DVB-C Card, and I'd like to edit the channels on my Windows PC.

With which language is it written?


RE: TVHeadEdit tool - Added by Akos Sz almost 7 years ago


Good timing. :)
Yes, I am working on this tool again and I plan to release a new version during this week which compatible with rewritten Tvheadend database. I still write it for myself but will make available public.
However DVB-C cards are still not supported. The reason is (beside that I don't have such card) that typically DVB-C systems have much less services hence they can be easily managed by the GUI of Tvheadend. The GUI is accessible by any Windows PC, BTW.

If you still think that you would need an offline editor and can you send me your database I can check if the tool is easily extendable with DVB-C support.


RE: TVHeadEdit tool - Added by steve parry almost 7 years ago

Ive started to build a tool for batch editing which works with 3.9.

If anyone is interested I can provide the source as I dont have time. Its a .net wpf app.

It has a DAL layer which can referenced by any application if you want to write a different UI

RE: TVHeadEdit tool - Added by Akos Sz almost 7 years ago


The new version of my application is now available. See the link in the first post.
Even though the GUI of Tvheadend much better I still think that this app is useful.
- Bulk edit of multiple selected items
- Channel logo selector
- Advanced picon name finder (instead of generating picon name it tries to find the right picon file in picon folder)
- Channel number manipulation
- Transponder information input from to add feed muxes easily

RE: TVHeadEdit tool - Added by Ron L almost 7 years ago

Sounded interesting, downloaded it and had a look. Appears to be a windows app that won't run under wine even. Not sure how one would use this exactly.

Edit: Nevermind, I went back and looked at your first post again and I see you did warn us that this is a Microsoft Visual Studio app. My bad.

RE: TVHeadEdit tool - Added by Dexter Anderson almost 7 years ago

I found a problem with the new version, when updating transponders on 15w(Telstar12) i get an error and the app crashes.
On previous version i got an error "unknown fec in line 14" but the tp's would still be added and the app didn't crash.
Error logs included.

I also have a request, with the old version under services, when clicking on tp to organize them from low to high, it would list them by sat.
In the new version it still lists them from low to high, but mixes the sat tp's.

Thank you for the great app.