north america egp

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please can someone help i dont know where to start to get egp going

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You should head over to and give them some cash (25 bucks a year) to get a nice automated line up for your area. Check out the tutorial here, specifically the part where it talks about schedulesdirect and how to hook that up with tvheadend.

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I have an Sd account it works really well however

A better and FREE Solution...

TADA Microsoft has been getting involved with NA Epg and there is faster
and a better service for FREE!!!!! What you can use for it is this..

Google Tv_grab_file there will be a download it is a simple file grabber

download it chmod 755 tv_grab_file to make it executable. copy it to

/usr/bin  more like  sudo cp tv_grab_file /usr/bin once placed there

Google mc2xml xmltv download program which you download and then
chmod it and place it in /usr/bin..

Now what you do is sudo -s become root then su hts and become user hts

Now all you gotta do is go into /home/hts and do a mkdir .xmltv then
chmod 755 .xmltv

now as user hts type this

mcsxml -c <Country> -g <Zipcode> -o /home/hts/.xmltv/tv_grab_file.xmltv

Now you will see it will ask you which line up which covers all that a Na user would want.

one you type in the service it will download the file and place it in /home/hts/.xmltv

Then go into tvheadend and select grabber and you will see you in the selection GrabFile Simple file grabber

select it and set the day or hour to grab and Viola it will now grab the tv_grab_file.xmltv and import
it into tvheadend directory and life is GRAND! :)

Best of all ITS FREE...
You can set it up to grab every 5 days with cron for people who want a gui just go into
the ubuntu software center and type in cron and you will see a gnome version that makes
it easy to automate the grab file so you don't have to do it every 5 days...
Have Fun

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thnx mondo ! just what i was looking for


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Is this going to work on Synology NAS DS1512+, I think it's some kind of linux behind