Building on openSuSE

Added by Anders Gustafsson 8 days ago

In this case Leap 15.x, but should be OK for other versions.

You might need to install stuff, like

zypper install libdvbcsa-devel

also these if you do not have them:

Then make a folder in a place of your choice. I selected tvh43 under "devel"

Step into that folder, cd tvh43

git clone

./configure --enable-bundle --disable-dvbscan --disable-hdhomerun_static --disable-libopus


Then, do test that it works if upgrading and note that upgrades, upgrade the config irreversibely. Make a backup of the .hts folder
Note that an upgrade will do that for you under .hts/tvheadend/backup
Start tvheadend interactively:
cd build.linux
./tvheadend -u youruser -g yourgroup

Where youruser is the user you are running as (.hts ends up under /home/youruser) and group usually is "video"

If you find this build to your liking, you can

make install

To start as a service, create a file named tvheadend.service that contains:

# Whats oscam?
# Wants: would like to have, After: start after, Requires: needs

# tvheadend nees root priv to create pid file and switch to user hts.
ExecStart=/usr/bin/tvheadend -f -l /var/log/tvh.log -p /run/ -u youruser -g yourgroup
ExecStop=/usr/bin/rm /run/



Put in /usr/lib/systemd/system

Then service tvheadend start should do it

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RE: Building on openSuSE - Added by Jonas Lang 7 days ago

That’s an informative write up. Try formatting the commands with the html option so it stands out for any user following your instructions. Helps with anyone using the copy/paste method too.

RE: Building on openSuSE - Added by Anders Gustafsson 6 days ago

Yes. It was a copypaste from my notes. I have edited now. Funny, as I was compiling 4.3 (it has been over 5 years) I ran into a few issues, googled and ended up in threads where I have had the same issue in the past :)

RE: Building on openSuSE - Added by Jonas Lang 6 days ago

That’s perfect and easy for anyone to follow. It’s amazing how your own instructions end up acting as a personal reference document too. Everything located in one post.

RE: Building on openSuSE - Added by Anders Gustafsson 6 days ago

Well. I have been helped myself, many times, by posts or blogs from other people. So whenever I have the time, I try to give back, be it here, on Ifixit or tehe other many forums i Frequent.

If it runs stable now, then I will try to put back the Astrometa stick that caused the initial problems. I also have two other sticks en-route, different type.