Quattro LNB Setup

Added by G H about 1 month ago

Hi All,

I've been running a TVH setup for a while now using a megasat server 3 with two lnb cables going to rf4 and rf3 respectively.
The megasat has been operating in "One user per RF" mode and, TVH setup as "DVBS2-2" and the tuners set as "Satellite positions: 1" (see current).
This has allowed me to watch 1 channel and record another, or just record two channels.

I'm upgrading to a quattro lnb shortly and i know i'll need to change the megasat to quattro and cable up appropriately.
However i am unsure as to what the tuner setting should be on TVH.
If i set it to auto, i'm presented with 8 tuners each with 4 satellite positions.
Do i set all 4 satellite positions to 28.2E on the 8 tuners (see example 1) ? Or do i set it up each tuner to have just one satellite position as i do now (see example 2) ?

Thanks for any advice given.

current.jpg (10.9 KB) current.jpg current setup
example 1.jpg (140 KB) example 1.jpg example 1
example 2.jpg (111 KB) example 2.jpg example 2