QNAP TVHeadend_0.9.8.0_x86_64.qpkg - Fritz box --satip_xml: no route to host and no TV Adapters visible (solved)

Added by A AAA 11 months ago

I'm trying to set up IPTV on qnap nas using TVHeadend.

I added satip parameter at command line. However when I try to start I get the following error on my QNAP

[ ERROR] satip: Cannot get No route to host

and no SAT-IP TV Adapters visible at dvb inputs

I'm using a Fritz Box with TV enabled and I get a reply for

Fritz box cable TV tuner IP:

What can I do to show tuners in TVH and to fix the error message?

edit Reason in my case was that another virtual adapter was active. Once I deleted it TV Adapters where visible