configuration problem with tvheadend on synology diskstation and inverto tv multibox sat ip server

Added by Wolfgang Roth 6 months ago

my setup is as follows:

the sat-ip server is a Multibox-03014D:SAT>IP from Inverto Digital Labs.
the tvheadend runs on a synology diskstation.

When i run the assistant, i always get 6 possible tuners.
2 tuners for IP TV:
  • IPTV #1
  • IPTV #2

and 4 tuners that are directly related to the multibox:

the first two can be assigned a network type of "IPTV automatic network". the next four can be assigned "DVB-S network".

Scanning for muxes does not work, if i assign all 6 tuners. I have to leave the IPTV tuners blank.

What am i doing wrong?

And how can i make sure, that all available tv and radio channels are being detected? I dont know for sure right now, but i think, that i am missing the one or other channel in my list...