no TV adapters

Added by alex s 7 months ago


after a reinstall, Tvh does not show any TV adapters.

- i have installed "HTS Tvheadend 4.3.0~pre+202201122318-0~built202201130132~gitc7b713edb~ubuntu20.04.1" under Mint 20.2
- my receiver is an DVB-S triax tss 400
- in my former installation (with an outdated tvh) the adapters had no problems
- i hav allready tried to give Tvh the IP of my receiver with: "TVH_ARGS=" --satip_xml"" which is the path to the XML-File of my receiver. I changed it in : /etc/default/tvheadend
if i do that, i get the following log:

2022-01-31 00:01:37.863 satips: RTSP port 554 specified but no root perms, using 9983
2022-01-31 00:01:37.863 satips: use --satip_bindaddr parameter to select the local IP for SAT>IP
2022-01-31 00:01:37.863 satips: using Google lookup (might block the task until timeout)
2022-01-31 00:01:37.888 tcp: No systemd socket: creating a new one
2022-01-31 00:01:37.888 satips: Starting SAT>IP RTSP server
2022-01-31 00:01:37.888 satips: SAT>IP Server reinitialized
2022-01-31 00:01:37.888 satips:   HTTP, RTSP
2022-01-31 00:01:37.888 satips:   descramble 1, muxcnf 0
2022-01-31 00:01:38.776 satip: Triggered new server discovery

- the IP is my Tvh-Server

could it mybe an permission problem?

Does anybody have an idea?

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