power cable for TBS-6982 card

Added by Paul M 17 days ago

I have two of these cards

the older one has a 6 pin power connector and came with a power cable to tap into the power cables which are used for fans or an old DVD drive.

the new one has just a 2 pin connector

but the card came with the wrong type of power cable, it came with the same type of 6 pin cable as before.

Does anyone know where I can get the right cable? Or can I adapt the wrong cable to make the right one? If I knew the what voltage and which pin was which, I could do that.

I have an octal LNB with four ports used. In the past, I didn't have a problem with only one card having the external power feed, but now I am having problems as I replaced my TVH server with new hardware and this second card isn't working.

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RE: power cable for TBS-6982 card - Added by Paul M 16 days ago

I asked TBS support and they said that the card power demand is 12V at up to 2A if there's motor control needed.

I might butcher an old molex to molex "Y" cable used for tapping power for a fan, to make a suitable cable for this card. Hopefully I won't blow it up, but I will test it in the old PC just in case ;-)

RE: power cable for TBS-6982 card - Added by Paul M 12 days ago

I bought a power cable and butchered it and thus powered my TBS card.

This molex to 12V header cable was £1.99 inc delivery

halfway through removing half the connectors and chopping off the row:

20211015_230104.jpg (208 KB) 20211015_230104.jpg cable as bought
20211015_225254.jpg (165 KB) 20211015_225254.jpg cable being butchered