Mux "always tuned"

Added by Cleiton Oppenheimer over 1 year ago


I have some diferent muxes added to my tvheadend network, that rely on IPTV links (internal cameras).

I have noticed that Tvheadend takes sometime to spawn the necessary pipe process when nothing is running. If I open the stream in a device #1, then device #2 will open the stream much faster, since the mux is already "tuned".

My question is, can I set some option to have some muxes or some networks always tuned?

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RE: Mux "always tuned" - Added by Flole Systems over 1 year ago

Tvheadend doesn't take any time to spawn the process, that happens instantly. If there's a delay you should check if the spawned process might be slow providing the data.

You can use wget to stream through Tvheadend to /dev/null, then it would be always "tuned".

RE: Mux "always tuned" - Added by Cleiton Oppenheimer over 1 year ago

I understood.

The reason, should be that i'm using Raspberry Pi 3 (not so powerful), and ffmpeg and or streamlink do take few seconds to push the stream.

Can you give one example of how to use wget to stream to /dev/null? After understanding your point, I believe I will need to run any startup script for this, right?