Incomplete recordings, reported as okay (memory?)

Added by Oliver B about 1 year ago

Hi there,

I recently switched running tvheadend on a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian (worked just fine) to running it in a Docker container on a Synology NAS (with the base image being the one from It reports is version as 4.3-1967~geb59284b8.

Whenever I record something now the recordings are cut short - although tvheadend reports them as okay.

With some random recording from last night e.g.:

2021-07-02 02:53:53.147 [ INFO] dvr: "Das Boot II (3)" on "ZDF HD": End of program: Completed OK

When started the program was supposed to run for another 1,5 hours. What I got was a bit over 30 minutes. Other than its length the recording seems to be fine though.

What I noticed is a rather generous memory usage of tvheadend. The process itself grew to over 5 GB in memory usage. Acccording to the "Memory Information Entries" page the entry largest by far is "Packet buffers". My first idea was that maybe it ran out of memory during recording but then I would assume the recording wouldn't be logged as successfully completed.

So, I'm a bit at a loss here. Any ideas?

The NAS itself has much more memory (10 GB), a much faster CPU and in the Raspi setup it served the recording storage via NFS so it certainly can also keep up with disk speed.